Why the Name Change?

Recently reviewed As the result of several very good conversations in the mailing list, as of March 10 2001 I have decided to rename eXtreme Modeling (XM) to Agile Modeling (AM). As you can read on the home page the purpose and scope has remained essentially the same:
  1. To identify and evolve values, principles, and practices that promote agile modeling.
  2. To determine how AM can be applied on software projects taking an agile approach to development, such as eXtreme Programming (XP).
  3. To determine how AM can be applied on software projects taking an approach along the lines promoted by the Unified Process (UP).

As we discussed in the mailing list, the name eXtreme Modeling (XM) didn't reflect its scope. Bob Martin pointed out that a better name would potentially be Agile Modeling (AM), a name that I've decided to adopt (many thanks to Bob for this suggestion). After thinking the issue through, and observing the conversations in the mailing list, I decided to rework this effort (and hence this site) to reflect this decision.

Going forward, I truly hope that the conversations that we have in the mailing list focus on the three goals listed above. There is a lot of room to discuss not only AM itself but how to apply it on modern software projects. Yes, sometimes a thread may focus on how model in an XP environment when you would rather discuss UP related modeling, or vice versa.

- Scott